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Rajasthan is among the richest states of India. Each period of its history made if contribution to this fild. The kings and nobles were patrons of hart and crafts and encouraged the craftpersons.

There was an obsessive desire to decorate their surroundings. Right from the walls of the forts and palaces, to the walls of the rural villagers,the desire to add colour prevailed. Warriors, not only gave elaborate attention to their clothing and armours, but also ensured that the horses and elephants that carried them into the battleground where equaly decorated.Ornaments like jewelled saddles and intricate silver howdas were proudly displayed .the women of Rajasthan are famed for there beauty and it is said that the printed patterns on the women's skirts are different in villege even 30 Kms apart.

Rajasthan Paintings- Shopping
'Rajsathan has many schools ol painting having Their own districts styles, well known among them being Marwar, Mewar, Hadoti Kishangarh, Dhundhur and Alwar.
The Miniature Paintings of Rajsthan which had flourishedunder princely patronage are still reproduced and descendants of the original craftsmen continue to produce miniture masterpieces, retaining their classic elegance . They are often made on hand made paper mathological the ms from Ramayana, Krishna Lila, Ragamala, and Geetgovinda are commonly used . In the paintaings , Vivdly rendred are hills valleys, gardens, palaces, court scenes and relifious processions.

Rajasthan Jewellery- Shopping
Bangles are a special attraction of Rajasthan. Lac bangles are believed to be worn as a sign of good omen and are available in many colours & designs. Glass bangles, made in great variety in Jaipur & Jodhpur, are perennially in demand and are available in most parts of the state.
Kundan and enamel jewellery has been a speciality of Rajasthan, particularly that of Jaipur. Kundan is the art of setting precious stones in gold.
The stones are embossed into decorative shapes & patterns and embellished with delicate enamel ornamentation in the champeve ( raised field ) technique. The designs are mostly exquisitely entwined flowers and birds and sometimes human and animal figures.
Jaipur is well known for its gold and silver enamelling. This traditional art of Meeriakariis also done in Nathdwara.
The thewa work of Pratapgarh is highly exquisite and popular, in this technique, designs are enamelled in gold on a glass base. The base used is generally green or red in colour.

Rajasthan Textiles - Shopping
Heart-warming textiles, dyed in the bandhani or tie & dye style reign supreme in Rajasthan. The artofbano^an/isa highly skilled process. Different methods are used to tie the fabric into small points producing different patterns like Lahariya, Mothda,Ekdali and Shskari. The best bandhani work comes iikar and Jodhpur, while Jaipur. Pali. Udaipur and Nathdwara are the other centres.
The women of Rajasthan haveembroidering fabrics. Embroidery practised in Bikaner is done by counting threads. The women of skar and Jhunihunu specilize in making patterns of animals. Chain stitch is popular in A!war. Dancing figures. Flowers and peacocks are the favourite motifs. Women of Barmer use mirrors, thus enhancino the beauty of the embroidered piece.
In applique, different pieces of cloth are patched together to make a multicolouredmosiac.. The exotic colours, shapes and pattern combinations against constrasting backgrounds catch the eye.


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